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Silverback Steps

Free standing and immensely strong the Silverback step system is specifically designed for hot tub or deck access and in load testing exceeded 1400kgs and has a safe working load (SWL) of 366kg (58 stone). While in component testing were subjected to a simulated 58 stone person bouncing on it 664,000 times without any signs of wear, an impressive performance and testament to its superb design.

Aluminium forms all of Silverbacks substructures due to its strength, weight and outdoor weathering benefits. All of the products are supplied as bare frames which are then finished in whichever material the customer decides to dress them in.

10 Year Warranty

From the load and fatigue results achieved Silverback now offers a 10-year warranty against product failure. This is reassurance for park and holiday home owners that when a Silverback step system is used as a means of access into their hot tub and they can be confident that the product is supported with load and fatigue test documentation in the event of a claim