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Park Leisure Solutions have worked closely with (Water Treatment Products), a highly respected chemical company based in South Wales to offer you the ultimate in Water Treatment Management. In addition to training programmes we offer you full back up on water treatment issues and all products carry B.P.R certification.

  • Chloragene
  • Shower Head plus
  • Green Clear
  • Primary Sanitisers

Chlorine makes a perfect primary sanitiser however Chlorine dioxide offers a lot more and is the perfect answer when managing a fleet of Hot Tubs which require the ultimate in safe water management procedures.

While chlorine dioxide has chlorine in its name its chemistry is completely different. Chlorine and chlorine dioxide are both oxidising agents (electron receivers). However chlorine has the capacity to take in two electrons whereas chlorine dioxide can absorb five. This means CIo2 is 2.6 times more effective than chlorine. More effective and very kind to the environment. Chloragene destroys biofilm completely at source by penetrating the polysaccharide layers to destroy pseudomonas and other base bacteria within the biofilm. Chlorine does not have the capacity to do this.

Green Clear: is a proven easy way to control algae growth on decking, buildings and fencing. We are happy to prove that this product really does work. Why not ask for a sample?

Shower head plus: proven to eliminate legionella bacteria in shower heads, this product also removes scale build up. If legionella is identified within your risk assessment then take action now with Shower Head Plus.