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To enhance and optimise your customer’s Hot Tub experience, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories including Decking options, Step systems for easy access and Safety Covers.



The patented VacuSeal Cover & Lifter vacuum seals the cover to your hot tub. This eliminates costly heat loss, along with helping to prevent water evaporation, and changes in your water’s chemistry as well as protecting against wind borne debris. Here’s how it works:

Each side of the cover squeezes together eliminating the 1.5” gap found on all traditional covers that causes heat loss and ice build-up, even when a spacer is installed. The patented tight fitting bottom hinge design (versus a top hinge on all other covers) allows for a full perimeter seal of the cover to your spa. While lifter mechanism includes a unique “Reverse Pneumatic Technology” that applies a downward pressure on the cover, helping to form a perfect vacuum seal.

Each VacuSeal Cover comes with a patented slit in the external skirt allowing for the attachment of our patented clamping system. This unique rubber padded clamp allows you to raise and lower your cover without damaging the hinge or the interior foam core. VacuSeal Covers are designed to last more than twice as long as Traditional Covers.

Hot Tub park safety cover canopy
Hot Tub park safety cover open


For those who have a need or a desire to use their Hot Tub in the rain or snow, or for those seeking protection from the harmful rays of the sun, the VacuSeal provides the only simple solution. Simply lift one side of the cover, attach our optional steel support system, and within seconds, nearly 50% of your spa is protected. Also provides additional privacy.


The VacuSeal Cover opens inwardly so that you’re always facing the attractive exterior side of the cover which is easily cleaned and not directly exposed to chemical damage.


Every VacuSeal Cover comes standard with the highest grade vinyl in the cover industry. Unlike most competitors our vinyl is on average 20% thicker and we use expensive plasticizers to preserve the look, feel, and durability of our exterior cover material.


The Smartop Covers gives Park owners complete peace of mind that the Hot Tub cover is safe, very strong and durable compared to foam insulation covers from other suppliers. The covers built in lifter negates the lifting and dragging of the foam covers on and off the spas by the customer offering a much better Hot Tub experience.

  • Safe for users
  • Non breakable
  • Heat efficient
  • No continual cover replacements needed
  • Child proof
  • Aesthetically matches UPVC decking
  • Zero Water Absorption/Odour Free
  • Strong, Durable and Long Lasting
  • Integrated Hydraulic Cover Lifter
  • Integrated EAS Lift & Assist
  • Steel Cable Cover Lock System