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NEW Holiday Home Heating + Hot Water Solution
The Climer technology series offers total solutions for domestic hot water, swimming pools, shower blocks and large volumes of hot water currently running on gas or oil. We have researched the market and have found many Parks have issues with planning on new developments with gas and infrastructure costs, as well as high monthly bills per holiday home and ongoing maintenance and re-filling costs after.

The Climer Heating System has a split system designed to ensure the minimum of space is taken up inside the holiday home and to make the system so it can be easily retro-fit as well as factory fitted. The outdoor heating unit contains all the ancillaries that would normally take up space in the home, this is also factory fitted and tested so installation is very simple and quick.

There is no maintenance to the units, only standard plumbing that has been designed for ease of access and visual checks.

The Hot Water system that is used every day of the year runs at a low 400W, and the heating unit used only in the winter months runs at a maximum of 2.4KW and negate the use of gas. The average running costs for the units is £550 based on 8hrs a day heating for 6 months of the year, and 4hrs a day per year for the hot water.

If you would like further details of the New Holiday Home Heating and Hot Water systems, or have a requirement for another application please do not hesitate to contact the team today.