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Holiday Home and Lodge Central Heating & Hot Water System
The new Climalodge Holiday Home Central Heating & Hot Water System provides customers with an easy, fast fit, ‘click and connect’ energy efficient, central heating and hot water system for their Holiday Homes or Lodges. The revolutionary new Climalodge Series offers Park Operators and Holiday Home Manufacturers a total solution for their holiday home central heating and hot water requirements. The new Climalodge Series uses the same award winning, energy efficient technology as the Climacube Heating System, driving heat up and energy costs down. Space saving in its design the Climalodge is discreetly housed in its own secure, steel outdoor unit that contains all the ancillaries that would normally take up room inside the home. There is no maintenance to the Climalodge, only standard plumbing that has been designed for easy access and visual checks.

  • Award winning, energy efficient Climacube technology
  • Low energy use, Low running cost, saving up to 80% off energy bills
  • Easy, fast fit, ‘click and connect’ to the existing holiday home water and power supply
  • Space saving, securely housed outside the holiday home
  • Climalodge be can fitted from new or retrofitted on site
  • Replaces the need for gas, oil or LPG
  • No maintenance required

The new Climalodge can be factory fitted by the manufacturer or supplied direct to site. Once off loaded the Climalodge Central Heating and Hot Water System will take just minutes to ‘click and connect’ to the existing holiday home water and power supply. Replacing the need for gas, oil or LPG, using energy efficient Climacube technology, producing a much lower carbon footprint, and saving users up to 80% off their energy bills.


The split system design, which is normally housed outside the home to ensure maximum space inside the holiday home, allows easy access for visual checks when required. The versatile design means it can be easily retro-fitted or factory fitted. The everyday hot water runs at a low 400W and the central heating unit, used only in the winter months runs at a maximum of 2.4KW and negates the use of gas. The average running costs for the units is £550 based on 8hrs a day heating for 6 months of the year, and 4hrs a day per year for the hot water.

If you would like further details or a quotation for the Climalodge Series, or have a requirement for another large volume water heat application, such as shower blocks or pools then please do not hesitate to contact the team today.