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Climacube is the latest product innovation from Park Leisure Solutions for the Hot Tub industry. The Climacube Heat System offers the very latest energy saving heat technology. Unlike conventional heat systems, Climacube will heat your Hot Tub in around 4-5 hours from cold with a consumption of only 1KW per/hour with a COP of over 3.5 in minus temperatures. Dramatically reducing running costs, increasing customer usage, reducing the carbon footprint and enabling customers to use the Hot Tub all year round, at the desired temperature without the concern of cost.

The Climacube Heat System is designed to be integrated into any Hot Tub and will negate the use or expense for any existing electric element. The Hot Tub will work in exactly the same way but by introducing Climacube you will have the benefit of heating the Hot Tub using the very latest energy efficient technology. All Hot Tub manufacturers have different build qualities and insulation methods, which actually affect the overall running costs, which means that some Hot Tubs cost more than others to run. However, because Climacube heat technology works 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with a fraction of the power consumption needed to run a conventional 3KW electrical Hot Tub heater, the savings are outstanding.

Climacube has been developed using the latest available technology. Designed to create hot water at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional methods. By absorbing ambient heat from the air our highly advanced specialised refrigerant gas, propelled by a silent compressor (similar to a refrigerator but in reverse) will give you quick heat up time with no need to add expensive additional heating elements or hot fill from the combi boiler. The Climacube only requires 800 watts (less than 3.5 amps) to operate. On test at an ambient temperature of 5 degrees C the Climacube was producing a rise in temperature of 6 degrees per hour in a 1200 litre hot tub.

 Climacube is the trademark of the Climacube Heating System, designed in the UK by Park Leisure Solutions Limited. Patent Pending