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The new PLS Autofill & Drain System is very simply to use and can be fitted from new, or retro fitted to any compatible Hot Tub or Spa. Once installed, on changeover days we suggest, switching on the PLS Auto-fill & Drain System then adding a dose of Ultrachem to the used water, carry out any general cleaning including filter inspection, only then after fifteen minutes the Spa will automatically drain the used water, which ensures the Hot Tub or Spa and filter is 100% sanitised.

The system will then automatically refill the Spa or Hot Tub to the correct water levels and then switch the hot tub onto heat, ready for chemical testing and use. In addition when in use the system will continue to monitor and adjust to the correct water levels until the next change over. Saving man hours on change over days, water level monitoring and taking the guesswork out of your Hot Tub or Spa maintenance. Leading to more efficient and cost effective chemical cleaning and management (dosing) for your Hot Tubs, saving time and money and providing a safer environment for customers.

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Park Leisure Solutions
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