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We have designed Spa Deck in conjunction with leading UK decking provider, The Mayfield Group, specifically for our range of Hot Tubs. This design means all equipment is easily accessible ensuring minimum down time for the Hot Tub during maintenance. Another key advantage is should the Hot Tub be replaced at any time Spa Deck is designed to enable easy removal and replacement without compromising or affecting the deck.

The Mayfield Group has recently introduced Aluminium Deck Sub-Frames as an alternative to timber, due to its sustainability, availability and cost. Aluminium Deck Sub-Frames have a longer lifespan than its timber alternative, without affecting the overall quality of the finish.

The sustainable materials used by Mayfield Decking include:

  • Plastics: Mayfield’s products use 100% recycled raw materials in the substructure during the manufacturing process.
  • Aluminium: As an alternative to timber, Mayfield offers aluminium substructures due to their belief in leaving trees standing.
  • Fabrication: In 2022, Mayfield’s manufacturing facility in Dorset will be fabricating Sundecks using Solar energy. During daylight hours, Mayfield will be a carbon-neutral production facility.