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Leading water leisure industry manufacturer and supplier Park Leisure Solutions Ltd (PLS) launch their new, groundbreaking Autofill & Drain ‘PLUS’ System. The new Autofill & Drain PLUS System has all the advantages of the current model but with a revolutionary PLUS! Park Leisure Utility Solutions Software (PLUS). Which allows for remote operation on changeover days for both drain and fill, as well as continuous real-time monitoring of water temperature and levels or any operation issues that may arise in the Hot Tub. For example, continuous auto water top up could be an indication of a leak. With no need for WiFi or hard cabling the software can easily monitor 10, 50, 100 or even 500+ Hots Tubs at one location. Saving Park owners and operators manpower hours and money as well as helping to rectify operational issues before they affect guests.

Designed and developed in the UK by PLS the new Autofill & Drain PLUS System is set to revolutionise Holiday Park Hot Tub operation and management. Allowing time critical and time consuming operations via a keystroke, without the need to visit each Hot Tub to initiate drain down or fill. Once the Hot Tub is drained normal maintenance procedures can be carried out i.e. inspection, filter change, wet vac to remove the last drops of water and wipe the surface down ready for auto refill and heat up.

Using PLUS software also allows operators to monitor on screen all Hot Tubs within the Park and view their current status. PLUS records previous data for each individual Hot Tub, allowing the operator to drill down on data for any connected Hot Tub and retrieve historical performance information such as temperature or water levels to help quickly rectify issues if required. Decreasing down time and creating a better customer experience.

Key features:

  • Remote monitoring of Hot Tub status via computer
  • No WiFi or hard cabling required
  • Remote drain via keyboard
  • Remote refill, initiating water heat up via keyboard
  • Continuous water level monitoring and adjustment
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Can be fitted from new or retro fitted to any compatible Hot Tub or Spa
  • Saves man hours on changeover and water level checks
  • More efficient and cost effective chemical cleaning and management
The new PLS Autofill & Drain ‘PLUS’ System, coupled with our award winning Spas, Hot Tubs and Climacube water heating system, as well as decking and accessories offers Park owners and operators the complete solution for their Spas and Hot Tubs operation and maintenance. Ensuring the most cost effective way with reduced manpower to monitor, fill, heat, drain and maintain their Spas and Hot Tubs with remote access.