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Altra Chem

The arrival of Ultra Chems, now provides park operators both large and small with a safe, fully certified and highly efficient filter cleaner that takes Hot Tub or Spa filter cleaning to the next level, using advanced chemical cleaning technology. Now available in both 5 and 25 litre containers, Ultra Chems not only removes grease and body oil in a much quicker time than conventional cleaners but also kills bacteria hidden deep in the folds of the filter, to ensure that your Hot Tub or Spa remains clean and safe for your customers to enjoy.

Ultra Chems contains no harmful Chlorine or caustic action product. Therefore Hot Tub & Spa filters will be unaffected by filter degradation normally associated with conventional filter cleaning methods. Allowing filters to be used up to 4 times longer, bacteria free, providing a safer environment for customers and substantial savings in time and money.

Key features:

  • Cleans Hot Tub & Spa Filters in as little as one hour.
  • Filters bacteria free 99.999%.
  • Contains no harmful Chlorine or caustic action product.
  • Extends commercial filter life by up to 4 times, saving time and money and reducing plastic waste.We believe it is the only product that conforms to HSG 282 the control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems.
  • Made in the UK by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered company.
  • Fully Certified and Tested EN1276 (2019).
  • Available in both 5 and 25 litre recyclable containers.
  • Ultra Chems has been extensively field tested within the lodge park industry and was proven to work with consistently high results against systems currently used and accepted. We believe this is the only product of its kind available and will lead to improved safety for staff and customers.

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