Park Leisure Hot Tub Heating
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Save Up To 70% Off Hot Tub Energy Costs!

Park Leisure Solutions launched our brand new Climacube Hot Tub Heat System earlier this year. Customers are already benefiting, with installations Park Leisure Climacube Heating Unitproducing significant reductions in their energy heating costs. Unlike conventional heat systems, Climacube will heat your Hot Tub in around 4-5 hours from cold with a consumption of only 1KW per/hour with a COP of over 3.5 in minus temperatures – meaning a dramatic reduction in your annual hot tub energy costs.

Climacube is our latest product innovation for the Hot Tub industry. The Climacube Heat System offers the very latest energy saving heat technology, dramatically reducing running costs, increasing customer usage, reducing the carbon footprint and enabling our customers to use their Hot Tubs all year round, at the desired temperature without the concern of cost.

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