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A Quick, Easy and Safe Water Treatment Tablet For Your Hot Tubs

New for 2018, Chlorogene T25 offers the Park/Leisure Operator a complete Chlorine Dioxide solution to Biofilm Removal and eradication of Pathogens when draining Hot Tubs, Spas and treating swimming pool balance tank environments; even the “cleanest” environment has met with startling results when Chlorogene T25 is employed.

Using Chlorogene T25 tablets as part of a regular maintenance and water management programme couldn’t be more simply. The easy to use tablet format allows you to add the correct dose of Chlorogene T25 to the filter compartment (chemical feeders removed). On contact the tablet starts working straight away, eradicating harmful pathogens even cleaning in-situ cartridge filters.

The ideal solution for fleet Hot Tubs, Chlorogene T25 is the only product available that ensures the Hot Tub and pipe work is fully disinfected before the Hot Tub is filled for the next customer. When a Hot Tub is drained it is impossible to get all the water from the pipe work, so when re-filling contaminated water could still affect the new water for the next customer. When sending water samples away for test, before the results are back, there could be a number of customers using the Hot Tub who are at risk. The introduction of Chlorogene T25 will make sure there is no danger and will keep the Hot Tub safe for every user with the simple addition of one quick dissolving tablet before drain down.

In situations where high levels of microbiological contamination has been identified (such as TVC’s etc) Chlorogene T25 is the immediate go to solution for quick and safe eradication. The tablets have been developed and are manufactured in the UK specifically for use as a safe, highly effective anti-microbiological control including biofilm and against Legionella bacteria. The tablets only release chlorine dioxide when in contact with water. The introduction of Chlorogene T25 will also save money as the use of other chemicals and procedures that would normally be undertaken throughout normal working week are no longer required.