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New For 2021, Money Saving, Central Heating & Domestic Hot Water System For Holiday Homes & Lodges

We are now taking orders for our new, easy, fast fit, ‘click and connect’ energy efficient, Holiday Home Central Heating & Domestic Hot Water (DHW) System. The revolutionary 2021 Climalodge Series from Park Leisure Solutions Ltd, now offers Park Operators and Holiday Home Manufacturers a total solution for their Holiday Home or Lodge central heating and DHW requirements. Producing huge savings compared with LPG, Oil or Gas by utilising an existing standard 13 amp supply and Climacube heat technology. Saving energy, money and drastically reducing the impact on the environment.

Heating for Holiday Homes and Lodges

Space saving in its design the Climalodge is discreetly housed in its own secure steel outdoor unit that contains all the ancillaries that would normally take up room inside the home. There is no maintenance to the Climalodge, only standard plumbing that has been designed for easy access and visual checks.

Park Leisure Solutions Ltd, Managing Director, Stuart Mulcahy said “The introduction of our new 2021 ‘click and connect’ Climalodge Series has been specifically designed for Park Operators and Holiday Home manufacturers.

The Holiday Home or Lodge central heating and domestic hot water uses the same energy saving technology found in our award winning Climacube systems. Replacing the need for environmentally damaging and less efficient energy sources plus the expensive infrastructure issues this causes. Producing considerable savings on the initial development as well as ongoing and future running costs”.

The government recently announced that by 2025, all new homes will be banned from installing gas and oil boilers and will instead be heated by low-carbon alternatives. The ban is part of a UK action plan to reach carbon net zero by 2050.

The 2021 Climalodge Series can be factory fitted by the manufacturer or supplied direct to site. Once off loaded the Climalodge Central Heating & DHW Systems will take just minutes to ‘click and connect’ to the existing holiday home water and power supply. Using energy efficient Climacube technology, producing a much lower carbon footprint, and saving users up to 80% off their energy bills.

For more information call the team or download the full specification sheet here