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Huge Savings In Energy, Time and Money

Climacube Testing Achieves Huge Savings In Energy, Time and Money. Saving on average of just under 60% less time to heat up the Hot Tub and a massive 85.7% reduction in energy cost, great news for both our customers and the environment.
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New Model Launch at the Lawns Show

Park Leisure Solutions will officially launch our new compact 4 Person Hot Tub Model at the Lawns Show, Cottingham, near Hull in September. The NEW 202-PKS has been designed and built in response to customer’s requests for a full body lounge seat.
Park Leisure Hot Tub Heating
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Save Up To 70% Off Hot Tub Energy Costs!

Park Leisure Solutions launched our brand new Climacube Hot Tub Heat System earlier this year. Customers are already benefiting, with installations producing significant reductions in their energy heating costs. Unlike conventional heat systems, Climacube will heat your Hot Tub in around 4-5 hours from...
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